Friday, February 27, 2009

Francis Chan's Podcast

Hey guys I listened to that Podcast this morning that Brady was talking about with Francis Chan. He's right it's way worth a listen. He doesn't fall apart as much as I expected but he does go completely honest and considering the size of his audience I feel like it he did it the best way possible. His battle was do I give the message I planned and lie to everyone and be fake, or do I just be completely honest but with the risk of giving a narcissistic message that's all about Francis to 30,ooo people who want to console him.

I thought it was great, he had some really good things to say, and the biggest thing I took away from the message is how dangerous this habit is of being convicted by the word, and not doing anything about it. This has been my habit I know for a long time but I feel the Lord drawing me to a life of action and I'm so proud to know you guys and grow in His word with you all every week.

Go to sermons, it's called "even Francis has a bad day"

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